Play History, Episode #4

Episode #4 of Play History enters the commercial realm. Yes, Computer Space, Galaxy Game, and Star Trek all play into it. This was a pretty wide-ranging one that was hard to encapsulate. As always, please check the episode script page for more information on the research and sources. The 1970s are where things really pick up and I love it.

In this episode:

  • A BASIC computer game that teaches us a lot about what independent programmers prioritized.
  • Some of the ways pop culture influenced the minds of early programmers.
  • Why Star Trek was the best fit for a computer game about extermination.
  • Rippling effects from the landmark Spacewar! and how it shapes two whole decades of video games.
  • The sacred house of practical computer research, birthing the concept of commercial video games: Twice.
  • Nolan Bushnell, Ted Dabney, and Bill Nutting, the forces behind the first commercial video game.
  • Why Computer Space and Galaxy Game failed to light up the world.

One last episode to go in the season! It’s exciting times ahead. We’re getting to Magnavox’s Odyssey and Atari’s Pong, along with a game many of you will be personally familiar with. Subscribe, check the Patreon, and thank you as always!



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