Play History, Episode #3

Moving into episode #3 of Play History, we start to explore the early stages of video games which had mass impacts on people. Coupled from early research you can check out on the script page as well as articles by myself and others, I’ve come to realize the 1960s period was a zenith for discovering the true purpose of computing. The period is fascinating and the way games intersect with this is equally so.

In this episode:

  • The greatest innovation of pre-personal computers, Timesharing.
  • A change in mindset allows programming to become accessible to a wider audience, forever altering the history of technology.
  • Confronting the vagueries of history and research.
  • How education had to confront the changing of technology.
  • Inventing storytelling in video games.
  • The first stages in bringing video games to a truly mass audience.
  • The landscape of technology in the 1960s which would ultimately birth video games as a form of broader entertainment.
  • Ralph Baer’s team and the true visions of the Brown Box.

We’re continuing the quest! Next episode we’ll be checking in with a familiar character. Thanks as always for your support. Check the notes in the video description and Subscribe if you haven’t!

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