Play History, Episode #1

Episode #1 in my video series covering my research in early video games. Check out the script for some in depth research notes on all of the topics covered inside.

In this episode I cover:

  • The emergence of computers after World War II.
  • Private R&D groups including those at DuMont Laboratories who created the Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device.
  • Bertie the Brain and the beginnings of video games as a showcase of new technology.
  • The NIMROD demonstration originating in Great Britain.
  • Real-time computing of the Whirlwind computer.
  • Use of games in education through the Bouncing Ball demo program.
  • Origins of definite artificial intelligence from the minds of Alan Turing and Donald Davies.
  • Christopher Strachey’s use of a CRT to create a defined image in his Draughts program.
  • Military applications of real-time computing with the MIDSAC Pool Game Demonstration.

Thanks for checking this out! There are four more episodes to come in the near future.

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