Full Interview List

This post just lists the people in the game and tech industries that I have interviewed, when I’ve interviewed them, and how. I have a mass list of people I want to interview elsewhere, but I’ll keep this post updated so that people can know who I’ve spoken with.

One note to be made is that I only list the companies that these people worked for which are relevant to what I spoke to them about. Obviously many of them worked at other companies but we likely didn’t speak too much about it.

81 people currently recorded.


Doug Carlston, Co-Founder of Broderbund Software. Interviewed January 20th, 2016 via phone.

Steve Shimizu, Programmer at Realtime Associates and Blizzard Entertainment. Interviewed March 13th to 29th, 2016 via Linkedin.

David Warhol, Artist at Mattel Electronics and Electronic Arts; Founder of Realtime Associates. Interviewed March 29th, April 4th and 5th, 2016 via phone.

Eric Brosius, Sound Designer and Composer at Looking Glass Studios and Harmonix. Interviewed April 2nd, 2016 via phone.

Rick Koenig, Programmer at Mattel Electronics, Electronic Arts, Realtime Associates, and Mattel Inc. Interviewed April 2nd, 2016 via phone.

Matthew Householder, Programmer at D. Gottlieb & Co. and Atari Inc.; Producer at Epyx, Activision, 3DO, DTMC, Blizzard North, and Flagship Studios. Interviewed from April 7th to 14th, 2016 via email.

Dennis Sustare, Designer at Coleco Industries. Interview began April 7th via email.

Lewis Lazarus, Programmer at Mattel Electronics. Interviewed April 12th, 2016 via phone.

John Kutcher, Designer at Muse Software. Interviewed April 15th, 2016 by phone.

Carl-Henrik Skårstedt, Programmer at Funcom and Looking Glass Studios. Interviewed April 16th to 20th, 2016 via Linkedin.

Elliot Cannon, Designer at Epic Mega Games and Crytek. Interviewed April 18th to April 20th, 2016 via email.

Andrew Kirmse, Co-founder and Designer at Archetype Interactive. Interviewed April 18th to 22nd, 2016 via email.

Richard Webb, Software Engineer at Silicon Graphics. Interviewed April 19th to 22nd via email.

David Shapiro, Designer and Writer at Muse Software, Penguin Software, and Origin Systems. Interviewed April 19th to May 29th, 2016 via Linkedin.

Tom Marx, Producer at US Gold (USA) and Eidos (USA). Interviewed April 22nd, 2016 via phone.

Rafael Brown, Designer at Looking Glass Studios and Retro Studios. Interviewed April 27th, via phone.

Jeffry Nauman, Programmer at Bally-Midway and Williams. Interviewed April 29th, 2016 via phone.

Frederick Held, Executive at Mattel. Interviewed May 24th, 2016 via phone.

Paul Allen Newell, Programmer at Smith Engineering and Simutrek. Interviewed from May 24th, 2016 to June 6th, 2016 via email.

Jeff Johannigman, Producer at Electronic Arts and Origin Systems. Interviewed May 26th, 2016 via phone.

Thomas Lopez, Vice President of Activision. Interviewed May 28th to May 31st via email.

Tim Van Hook, Engineer at Silicon Graphics. Interviewed June 8th to June 13th via email.

David Olson, Engineer at Silicon Graphics. Interviewed from July 2nd to July 25th via email.

Satish Bhutani, International Sales Manager at Atari Inc., Fun Games, Project Support Engineering, Namco America, Data East, and Atari Games. Interviewed July 12th, 2016 via phone.

Eugene Wagner, Co-Founder of Nutting Industries. Interviewed July 16th, 2016 via phone.

Brand Fortner, Co-Creator of Airfight; Programmer at CERL; Co-founder of Spylgass Technologies. Interviewed from July 24th, 2016 to August 18th, 2016 via email.

Brennan Priest, Artist at Origin Systems, Looking Glass Studios, FASA Corporation, and Ubisoft. Interviewed August 2nd, 2016 via Skype.

Harold Montgomery, Co-Founder of Nutting Industries. Interviewed August 16th, 2016 and September 21st, 2017 via phone.

Mark Lesser, Programmer at Rockwell International, Mattel Electronics, Parker Brothers, Microsmiths Inc, and Electronics Arts. Interviewed August 26th, 2016 to July 30th, 2017 via email.

Rodney Geiman, Executive Vice President at Nutting Associates. Interviewed August 30th, 2016 via phone.

Kevin Hayes, Executive at Atari Inc., Atari Games, and Namco America. Interviewed September 3rd, 2016 via phone.

Rod O’Connor, Engineer at Ampex Corporation. Interviewed from October 1st, 2016 to October 14th, 2016 via email.

Werner Berli, Engineer at Ampex Corporation. Interviewed from October 12th, 2016 to October 17th, 2016 via email.

Kurt Wallace, Manager at Ampex Corporation. Interviewed October 27th, 2016 via phone.

Richard Patak, Engineer at Ampex Corporation and Atari Inc. Interviewed October 28th, 2016 via phone.

Gene Beley, Arcade Operator; Writer for Play Meter magazine. Interviewed November 11th, 2016 via phone.

David Money, Production Engineer at Sega/Gremlin. Interviewed November 13th, 2016 via phone.

Rene Lopez, Executive at Bally Manufacturing, Taito America, Capcom USA, and Romstar. Interviewed November 15th, 2016 via phone.

Keith Egging, Engineer at Milwaukee Coin Industries and Americoin; Product Manager Taito America. Interviewed November 15th, 2016 via phone.

Dan Judd, Screen Printer who did some contract work for Atari Inc. Interviewed November 16th, 2016 via phone.

Claude Nahum, Director of International Finance for Atari Inc. and Atari Corp. Interviewed November 17th, 2016 via phone.

Chuck Newby, Programmer at Gremlin Industries. Interviewed November 18th, 2016 via phone.

Harry Frank Fogleman, Co-founder and President of Gremlin Industries; Executive at Sega/Gremlin. Interviewed November 18th, 2016 and December 5th, 2016 via phone.

Richard Wyckoff, Designer at Looking Glass Studios, Dreamworks Interactive, and Pandemic Studios. Interviewed December 9th, 2016 via phone.

Ted Olson, Comptroller at Atari Inc; Founder of Time Zone arcade chain; Franchisee Owner at Pizza Time Theater (Chuck E. Cheese). Interviewed January 9th, 2017 via phone.

Paul Santasiero, Industrial Designer at Coleco Industries. Interviewed January 10th, 2017 via phone.

David Conover, Artist at Sega/Gremlin. Interviewed January 12th, 2017 via phone.

Tom Nieman, Marketing Executive at Bally Manufacturing. Interviewed January 12th, 2017 via phone.

Brian Speck, Electronic Technician for Coleco Industries. Interviewed January 13th, 2017 via phone.

Dan Winter, Executive at Nutting Industries, Milwaukee Coin Industries, and Americoin. Interviewed January 16th, 2017 via phone.

Darren Teeter, Finance for Coleco Industries. Interviewed January 17th, 2017 via phone.

Denis Wilson Sr., Warehouser for Coleco Industries. Interviewed January 17th, 2017 via phone.

Tim Nixon, Artist at Gremlin Industries. Interviewed January 19th, 2017 via phone.

Jeff Walker, Executive at Bally Manufacturing, Nintendo of America, Data East Pinball, and Capcom USA. Interviewed January 24th, 2017 via phone.

Sean Hennessey, Programmer at Sega/Gremlin, Atari Inc, and Blue Sky Software. Interviewed February 22nd, 2017 via phone with prior email correspondance.

Win Weber, Senior VP of Sales at Atari Inc. Interviewed March 10th, 2017 via phone.

Tom McHugh, Programmer at Dave Nutting Associates and Action Graphics. Interviewed April 15th, 2017 and April 20th, 2017 via phone.

Chuck Arnold, Salesman/Executive at Chicago Coin, Allied Leisure, Major Manufacturing, Ramtek, Rowe International, Bally Manufacturing, and Nintendo of America. Interviewed February 9th 2017, March 22nd 2017, April 25th 2017, and April 29th, 2017 via phone.

Mike Mayfield, Creator of the Star Trek Mainframe game. Interviewed June 3rd, 2017 via phone.

Vic Tolomei, Engineer at Exidy. Interviewed June 26th and August 9th via phone.

Todd Cravens, Executive at Leprechaun/Bulldog; Distributor at Betson Enterprises. Interviewed July 12th, 2017 via phone.

Murphy Bivens, Programmer at Sega/Gremlin. Interviewed July 18th, 2017 via phone.

Scott Cameron, Production Manager at Sega/Gremlin. Interviewed via phone July 24th, 2017 via phone.

Joanne Anderson, Production Manager at Ramtek, Vectorbeam, Exidy, and Namco America. Interviewed August 1st, 2017 via phone.

Jamie Fenton, Engineer at Dave Nutting Associates. Interviewed September 4th, 2017 via phone.

Steve Wright, Software Manager at Atari and Sega Electronics. Interviewed September 11th, 2017 via Skype.

Doug Hughes, Engineer at Atari and Midway. Interviewed September 14th, 2017 via phone.

Ryan Cravens, Manager of Bulldog Amusements ad Betson Enterprises. Interviewed September 14th, 2017 via phone.

Jay Smith III, Founder of Smith Engineering/Western Technologies. Interviewed September 21st, 2017 and September 29th, 2017 via phone.

Cherry Sweig, Artist at Sega/Gremlin. Interviewed September 29th, 2017 via phone.

Denis Loubet, Artist at Origin Systems. Interviewed October 11th and October 17th 2017 via phone.

Michael Dornbrook, Finance at Infocom and Harmonix; Marketing at Looking Glass. Interviewed October 11th 2017 via phone.

Steve Pearsall, QA and Project Leader at Looking Glass. Interviewed October 13th and October 18th 2017 via Skype.

Kurt Bickenbach, Artist at Looking Glass. Interviewed October 18th 2017 via Skype.

Alex McKay, Engineer at Gremlin Industries and Cinematronics. Interviewed November 24th, 2017 via Skype.

Richard Moore, Engineer at Atari Inc., Atari Games, and Capcom USA. Interviewed December 1st, 2017 via phone.

Tom Leonard, Programmer at Looking Glass and Valve Software. Interviewed December 5th, 2017 via phone.

Ken Arnold, Programmer and Musician at Origin Systems. Interviewed December 16th, 2017 via phone.

Roger Sharpe, Coin-op Historian and VP of Marketing at Williams Electronics. Interviewed January 23rd, 2018 and February 8th, 2018 via phone.

Rod Nakamoto, Co-Founder of Interactive Designs, Producer at Origin Systems, V.P of Studios for Hasbro Interactive, at Vice President of Sierra Entertainment. Interviewed February 7th, 2018 via phone.

Marty Glazman, Marketing executive at Williams Electronics, Sente Technologies, and Kaneko. Interviewed February 7th, 2018 via phone.

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