Welcome to My Mind



My name is Ethan Johnson and this blog is based on video game research that I’m doing out of Chicago. I’ve been attempting to get my name out there through interviews and connections and I decided that I needed a place to talk about my short form discoveries, lest I be eternally mired in long form projects which lament in gestation.


This blog’s intention is a research blog dedicated to short posts based on my current work to hopefully accrue some interest and discussion. I’ve seen the great things that come up on some of the other gaming history blogs (linked below) so I want to see if I can contribute to that.


There are two other relevant links for folks to know about at the time of writing this initial blog post. First off will be my upcoming podcast called My Understanding of History: Games (or MUH Games) which will be longer form narrative pieces with the scripts posted on Medium.com . My only current piece available on the web is my Nintendo 64 History post, which will give any reader at least a little bit of an idea about my writing ability.


While waiting for updates, you can go an parooze these other great video game and tech history content providers:


They Create Worlds Blog (Alex Smith)

They Create Worlds Podcast (Alex Smith and Jeff Daum)

The Digital Antiquarian (Jimmy Maher)

All in Color for a Quarter (Keith Smith)

The Video Game Historian (Norman Caruso)

Internet History Podcast (Brian McCullough)

Ahoy (Stuart Brown)

Episodic Content (David Craddock)

Retro Gamer

Atari Book (Marty Goldberg, Kurt Vendel, and Devin Monnens)


Have a good one!

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